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Collaboration technologies are a tantalising prospect for today’s businesses. Not only can they deliver marked improvements to existing business processes, they also hold the key to unlocking completely new ways of working:-

  • They drive up productivity and creativity
  • They save time, whether in the office, through remote working or by reducing travel time
  • They deliver effective and exciting collaboration experiences, irrespective of location.

But, the deployment of collaboration technologies allows plenty of scope for getting it wrong, potentially resulting in misunderstood technologies installed in the wrong locations and being used for the wrong purposes – or not being used at all.

Business Edition 6000

Collaboration systems significantly improve how individuals, groups and companies interact and perform...

Integrated solutions that allow real-time communication services such as instant messaging, virtual presence, audio and video conferencing and desktop sharing attribute strongly, especially between and within SME’s. Solutions like this promote collaborative working that will help make business solutions and communications even more efficient and effective. Collaboration is an integrated service, a set of products that provide consistent user interface and user experience across multiple, and mobile, devices. You can see the right person at the right time, right now, using familiar and easy to use applications that dissolve barriers between telecommunications and non-real time communications such as e-mail or SMS. Office and remote workers can instantly be in touch simply and easily, as well as with customers and clients, with greater control, whilst increasing productivity and efficiency.