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SMART Collaboration solutions

For more than 20 years, innovation and commitment to excellence have been at the core of SMART Technologies business. This commitment has driven their remarkable growth and made them a global leader in interactive technology products, with more than 30 million customers worldwide...

If you collaborate within your business then you have heard of SMART. That is because SMART is Collaboration. With SMART you can integrate a PC and share content with others. You can collaborate at will and move forward, together. There is no easier way to put your point across a whole board. SMART opens door you never knew existed and bridges gaps that were simply too far to reach without it.

SMART visual collaboration solutions make your collaboration experience more accessible and professional. SMART is the biggest revolution in business since the fax machine and as such is essential to provide a business with smooth interactive services. With SMART you have to ability to quickly note, draw or label documents or presentations efficiently for a greater understanding and personal experience in a conference.


SMART Meeting Pro™ software provides advanced whiteboard and data conferencing capability for trainers working in rooms with a dedicated computer and one or more SMART interactive displays. Because SMART Meeting Pro connects multiple interactive displays and participants' laptops, you can share ideas and information with colleagues in the same room or across the sea. It's all easy, thanks to Meeting Pro's highly intuitive interface. You can display documents and images for both local and remote participants, and make notes on any screen in digital ink. At the end of a training session, you can save your notes with a touch of the display.


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Stanford University study finds strong economic advantages in using SMART Collaboration SolutionsStanford University study finds strong economic advantages in using SMART Collaboration Solutions

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The SMART kapp 42" capture board enables you to collaborate with others in a simple but powerful way.

KAPP Glass

Get started right away
Connect. Create. Share.

Easily save and share notes
Store content as snapshots on a mobile device. Share snapshots to your Evernote™, Google Drive™, Dropbox™ or other storage accounts on your mobile device.

Real-time sharing
Up to 250 participants can be invited to view content in real-time using any browser.

Refined inking
Write and erase on the sleek, glass surface, with real ink, without ever staining it.

Full data security
Protect your content with a PIN code. Shared content is immediately deleted when you disconnect your device.

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