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ClickShare wireless presentation system CSM CSC

ClickShare introduces meeting room democracy – where everyone has the opportunity to be on-screen (with up to four people simultaneously). This one click wonder not only helps the presenter get the presentation on-screen in a second but enhances meeting efficiency and collaboration.

How it works

A standard ClickShare set-up consists of four USB-powered devices (the ‘ClickShare Buttons’), a storage basket to neatly store the Buttons when they’re not used (the ‘ClickShare Tray’) and a Base Unit. The Base Unit has a fixed connection to the meeting room’s visualisation system, and takes care of all the needed processing. Users who want to get their presentation on the large meeting room screen, simply connect a Button to their PC or MAC. They start the application, click the ClickShare Button and immediately their desktop is wirelessly transferred to the large visualisation system. What’s more, ClickShare does not interfere with your laptop’s resolution, and automatically displays the screen content in the most optimal way.

Confidence and Collaboration

ClickShare simply works. It also allows other participants to display content on-screen, when connecting a ClickShare button to their laptop or mac. In total, four participants can be on-screen simultaneously with the push of a button. Each participant can also take control of the screen at any point by pressing the button for a few seconds. This improves meeting efficiency and removes the limitations of wires.


ClickShare Meeting

ClickShare for every meeting room

There are big differences in the needs of small, standard meeting rooms, and those of high-profile meeting rooms, boardrooms and conference rooms. In order to perfectly answer customers' requests, ClickShare is available in two models: the CSM Base Unit and the original full-featured CSC Base Unit.

The Differences

The ClickShare Meeting is a cost effective alternative for smaller meeting rooms. As standard the CSM consists of two buttons, a minature base unit as an option a wall mounting-bracket is available.

A maximum of 8 buttons can be connected to the CSM. One source can be displayed at any time on the monitor compared with up to four for the ClickShare Conference (CSC). As such, the CSM does not have dual display compatability.

Perfect for the smaller meeting room, enabling participents to view laptop content on the big screen wirelessly.





ClickShare reduces technical faults and time spent passing around cables, maneuvering laptops, changing screen resolution. With one-touch control, it is simple, fast and efficient. It leaves the presenter with peace of mind and ensures that the participants can collaborate and communicate with ease.