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Onelan Digital Signage

ONELAN is a global leader of digital signage and IPTV solutions and a proud investor in UK engineering talent. The company develops high quality, innovative solutions for all types of screen-based communications for applications including retail, advertising networks, corporate communications, education, health, public signage and hospitality.

With Onelan Digital signage you can output high-quality video playback, stream LIVE TV, Display web content and much more.

Setup the onelan box to automatically update content including news and weather or display important information in an emergency.

Onelan's systems are designed to work 24/7 and can be set to almost any configuration you can imagine, meaning a different display at lunch or dinner time automatically. You can also show programmes within specific time periods, the NEWS for example.

Onelan has unique ad hoc functionality allowing everyday users to easily edit the displayed content without gaining access to the automatic functions.

Integrated Player Displays


Onelan Integrated Interactive Screen

ONELAN offers a range of integrated signage which combine the digital signage player into the display panel itself. These space saving products are ideal for making an impact in shelf edge and point of information applications. With optional multi-touch interface the integrated displays can be used as a virtual map or as a kiosk. These have effective application across retail, corporate, small business and public sector markets.

The Integrated Player Display can also be used alongside a range of HD and 4K Net-Top-Box players in a mixed network environment and are capable of reporting back to Onelan's DSM Network Management solution.


Onelan Interactive Screen