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Vpod's VTV

A standalone, all in one multi-media and video conferencing solution that can accommodate an array of multi-media and video conferencing technology products.

VTV includes a high definition backlit LED display, high quality powered speakers and has the option of iPad control.

VTV is an outstanding, out of the box video agnostic plug and play multi-media and video conferencing solution that can be deployed globally, enabling a uniform technology platform across your entire estate.

VTV negates the need for bespoke joinery solutions to accommodate this type of technology, or to structurally support on partition walls.

VTV is designed so that the screen, loudspeakers and camera sit in the best positions – optimised. VTV allows your AV Integrator to accommodate other multi media technologies within the VTV unit, enabling a complete and clean solution.

VTV suites in with Vpod’s other products such as Space, Vroom, Vtable and when coupled with a cloud based video service can provide the end user with a fully connected video solution within 2hrs.

Key Features:
  • Stand alone all in one multi-media solution
  • Video vendor agnostic
  • 55″ and 65″ screens in single, dual and triple screen configurations
  • Modular AV connectivity
  • Full HD LED backlit screen
    (1920 x 1080p @ 60hz)
  • High quality audio
  • Quick set-up
  • Cost competitive
  • Unique stylish design
  • Fully adaptable to control 3rd party solutions
  • iPad controllable (optional)
  • Presentation using iPad (optional)